Our accountant Richmond Hill team is a dedicated and reliable company that will help you maintain the best tax and payroll practices. 




The need to hire the best and experienced professional accounting firm in Richmond Hill, ON is more crucial if your business is planning to establish a legal status or any major changes. There are a number of benefits that a business can enjoy when hiring a professional accountant Richmond Hill has to offer. First of all, you will have peace of mind knowing that our accountants prepare your reports while you go about your busy day at your job. Secondly, Precision’s professional Richmond Hill accountants have a better understanding of the requirements and regulations of the government so that the tax returns are prepared accurately.

With the latest COVID-19 pandemic that has gone on, the Canadian Government has helped thousands of individuals and businesses financially. It is important to know that this financial relief we all received, there will be taxes that needs to be paid on. We can help with your income tax preparation to ensure that the correct amounts are paid back to the Government.


A major benefit of using professional tax preparation services is that it helps a company to maintain all their records up to date. Hiring our firm for our Richmond Hill bookkeeping services will be able to help any company streamline its workflow by reducing the amount of manual paperwork. It is also possible to reduce the payroll as well as benefits expenses with the help of this service. The accountants’ professional bookkeeping services provide various business solutions such as tax filing, employee benefits, health insurance, finance, payroll, and much more.

By hiring Precision Accounting, you will be able to concentrate on other important aspects of your company such as growth, expansion, and development, sales and marketing, etc. Apart from all these, our company can also handle payrolls, taxes, and other employee-related issues. There are many firms that offer their services to various other companies which include technology services, professional consultancy, data management, compliance management, accounting systems integration, and much more. However, we are the best at what we do and we stand behind our work!

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A company that has used the services of professional firms can be assured of getting excellent assistance. This is because our accounting firm in Richmond Hill will be able to understand your needs and will be able to provide the best solutions to your business problems.

Another reason to choose the best firm is that you can always get good support and assistance from our team. There are many firms that have a team of professionals who work hand in glove with the company owners. They assist the company owners by providing them with the latest and updated professional information. Some firms also conduct training sessions for their employees and help them learn new ways to maximize their productivity.

We are the best firm that provides its customers with high-quality solutions and help them save a considerable amount of money on their expenditures. This is why most companies are now turning to the services of professional bookkeeping companies to handle their finances properly. We have been helping companies for so many years and have built a loyal client base that benefits from our accounting and bookkeeping services for many years. So, the reason to choose the best accounting firm in Richmond Hill, ON for your company is quite clear.

Personal Taxes

Richmond Hill Accountants can help you get your accounts in order. We will also submit your files for you. The work we do with our tax accountant Richmond Hill team includes income tax preparation as well. 

Small Business Accounting

Our business accountants have experience in business and personal auditing. We will make sure that your business accounts are always accurate! Richmond Hill accountants are trained professionals for all your small business needs.

Bookkeeping Services

When you’re looking for an Accountant in Richmond Hill, one of the main services we offer for our Accountant Richmond Hill clients is bookkeeping services. This will help keep your books and income traced effectively at all times!

Corporate Taxes

We provide thorough corporate tax services by ensuring that you file your tax return no later than six months after the end of each tax year. 

Tax Consulting & Planning

Your accountant team will help develop a sound financial plan to maintain your personal and family wealth as well as the value of your assets. 

Business Registration

Are you planning on starting a new business? Our accounting team will help you set up the right organizational structure based on all your needs. 



We take providing outstanding customer service as well as providing the best accounting services available to all of our clients.

With the ever so changing technology out there, we make sure we’re always available for our clients whenever they need us. Video technology allows us to meet our clients through Zoom calls or in-person and take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of all of us. The staff wear masks when we meet in person as well as hand sanitize frequently throughout the day. 

Our accountants have the knowledge, education, and expertise to provide more than just everyday accounting services. We also are able to check over staff and management costs as well as investment accounting. Precision Accounting Services also provides a more detailed service such as in-depth analysis in the case of suspicious activities or end of year taxation.

If you’ve got a question for us, call us today to book your free consultation!


Accountant Richmond Hill is a full-service accounting firm that is licensed in the city of Richmond Hill, ON.  

We are well known for several reasons around Richmond Hill and surrounding areas, such as our customer service, high-quality bookkeeping, and so much more. If you are looking for the best accountants Richmond Hill can offer, then contact our accounting office today!


The #1 Small Business Accounting Services firm is Precision Accounting Services. Our company provides highly educated accountants, Chartered Professional Accountants, certified bookkeeping professionals, auditors, payroll experts, payroll processors, and tax professionals to meet all your accounting needs. Our company was started over 15 years ago and has always been committed to providing our clients with quality accounting services.

Precision Accounting specializes in offering all accounting needs for small businesses under one roof. With highly trained and experienced accountants and other professional tax preparation workers, we provide small business tax preparation, audits, preparatory tax planning and preparation, quarterly reports, annual reports, and government tax assistance. All accounting services provided by Precision are highly qualified and trained and have strict policies and procedures to ensure customer satisfaction.

Bookkeepers and accountants in Richmond Hill are qualifying to perform various functions related to accounting, including maintaining financial records, creating reports, preparing financial statements, auditing financial records, reviewing accounting documents, and providing legal or accounting advice to clients. Some small businesses also use small business accounting services to manage payroll, benefits, and taxes. Business owners can also use small accounting services to assist with data entry, record keeping, and data processing. 

Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) provide important services to small businesses. CPA services to help small businesses prepare their financial records at the end of the year.



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65% of our clients are business owners, meaning we know how to work with businesses to correct their accounts.


The average we are able to save a business or individual during tax preparation season.

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Throughout the years, we have maintained a 100% satisfaction rate with current and previous clients.



No matter the size of your company, whether you are an independent sole proprietor, or simply a start-up business, you will need an experienced, knowledgeable, and educated accounting service to ensure all your books are correct and kept up to date. Precision’s Accounting team gives you the flexibility to stay focused on your long-term goals, effective strategies as well as growing your business. 

Our Richmond Hill firm will provide you with solutions to any and all tax issues and general accounting you may have. Exceptional accountants have the skillset needed to manage any size of our client’s workload and ensure that all deadlines are met. With our dedicated and reliable team of Richmond Hill accountants, we make any company’s day-to-day and monthly accounting easy to manage.



It is important to know that you always have access to your tax preparation from our tax accountant Richmond Hill experts. This is good to be able to keep an eye on all tracked, recorded accounts, and transactions. Although many companies try and do tax preparations themselves, we highly recommend avoiding doing that so you don’t make extremely costly mistakes. With Richmond Hill Accountants, we take all the worries away by taking care of all tax preparation so you can focus on increasing sales for your company. 

Alongside these services, leveraging our experienced accountants will give you a jump start on tax strategy services. We also offer these to large organizations and partnerships. This type of service helps smaller companies maintain their books in order as well as keeping a profit. If you are looking for the best Richmond Hill accountants in the area and in the province of Ontario that is dedicated and provides top-notch useful accounting advice and strategy, then you need to call Precision Accounting Services today!



Finding the best accounting firm for your company can be a difficult task. With payroll, taxes, and accounting is the lifeline of any company, finding the best accounting company that can meet these needs can mean the difference between success and failure. Many small business owners don’t understand the intricacies involved in accounting or the need for an accounting firm that is capable of handling payroll, taxes, and other business-related matters. There are many firms that specialize in particular fields, but it’s important to find one that is capable of handling all areas of your business.

Payroll is the most important aspect of every business. Without it, there isn’t any way that a company can function. If you aren’t able to properly pay your employees, then you are causing problems for not only yourself but for them as well. Problems can arise in the workplace as well, such as low morale and frustrated employees. Finding the best payroll provider will ensure that you and your employees are paid properly.


Not having good tax records can also be financially devastating for any business. It is imperative that you have tax preparation and accounting done on a regular basis. If you don’t, you could be in violation of the law and you could face fines and penalties. The government keeps track of every penny you make, and with good tax records, you can increase your profits. Precision Accounting will help keep you in compliance with all the tax laws.

Accounting involves financial records. These records allow accountants to provide you with accurate information about your business. It’s important that you and your payroll be up to date with your tax statements. An experienced payroll company will do this for you.

You might be wondering how the best full-service accounting firm prepares your tax statements. Most do it the traditional way, through paper forms. However, there are new ways to prepare your business accounts these days. Some utilize computerized tax preparation programs. This option saves you the trouble of having to go through the trouble of writing out tons of paperwork.

When looking for an accounting firm, it’s also important to find one that offers reliable customer service. If you need to call them several times a day to get things done, then you need to go with the best. Precision Accounting Services has the best customer service in town!


If you have been searching in Google for “accountants near me”, you have found the best Accountant Richmond Hill firm has to offer. We are the best accountants Richmond Hill has and we provide outstanding customer service! When looking for accounting services near home, you want to be sure that the firm you find is not only local to your area, but also offers many different accounting and bookkeeping services. 

We have many clients in the surrounding areas as we grow by word of mouth from the excellent and efficient work we provide to everyone. With that said, even if you are not in the Richmond Hill area and find that you are a relatively busy person, there are ways for our firm to help you. If you own a company that you cannot often leave work from, then it is greatly beneficial having one of our remote accountants available and willing to work around your schedule. You have come to the right place in search of the “best accountants near me.” We are well equipped to deal with your needs and able to work to your timetable.

Precision Accounting Services will always work within your schedule and ensure that you can and will succeed. The right accountant will also listen to the customer’s needs and put them above their own.

If you are looking for accountants near you, then call Precision Accounting Services today!